Drive Education 1 – South Hills Elementary School – Mrs. Valentine’s class
Drive Education 2 – Chisholm Ridge Elementary – Ms. Svensson’s class
Drive Education 3- South Hills Elementary – Ms Kotz class
Drive Education 3- South Hills Elementary – Ms. Ellington’s class
Drive Education 4- Jackie Carden Elementary – Ms Barton’s class
Drive Education 5 – Mambrino Elementary – Mrs. Lohman’s class
Drive Education 6- Keller Early Learning Center North – Ms, Morris’ Class
Drive Education 7 – Martha Reid Leadership Academy – Mrs. Jeters’ Class
Drive Education 8 – Eagle Mountain Elementary – Mrs. Rudds’ Class
Drive Education 9 – Silver Creek Elementary – Mrs. Trammell’s Class
Drive Education 10 – South Hills Elementary – Mrs. Navarro’s Class
Drive Education 11 – Ridgeview Elementary – Keller ISD- Mrs. Pryors Class
Drive Education 12 – Early Learning Center – Keller
Drive Education 13 – Richard J. Wilson Elementary – Mrs. Barrera’s Class
Drive Education 14 – WestCreek Elementary -Mrs. Blalocks & Mrs. Olmos Classes
Drive Education 15 – Eagle Mountain Elementary – Ms. Griggs Class
Drive Education 16 – Lindale Early Childhood
Drive Education 17- Eagle Mountain Elementary – Mrs. Harlin’s Class
Drive Education 18- Bear Creek Elementary – Ms. Graves 1st Grade Class
Drive Education 19 – Hicks Elementary – Mrs. Walker class
Drive Education 20 – Shady Shore Elementary – Mrs. Vest Class
Drive Education 21- SH Crowley Elementary – Mrs. Mosbey’s Class
Drive Education 22 – Jefferson Elementary School, Wichita Falls – Mrs. Box & Mrs. Harmon’s Class

“I am very grateful to Raider Express and Drive Education for helping me increase my students’ access to technology and for donating much-needed supplies to my classroom. With these new computers, I will be able to better meet the needs of a diverse group of learners. In addition, students will be able to practice communicating, creating, and collaborating using technology – important 21st-century skills.

My 4th graders had a fantastic afternoon touring the Raider Express truck, learning about truck drivers, enjoying their pizza, and wearing their brand new t-shirts. It was a day they won’t forget! Thank you!”
– Ms. Valentine, South Hills Elementary