Raider Express empowers drivers to give back to the community. Raider drivers will be enriching the lives of children and families around them every day. With every load a driver delivers Raider will be giving back, not just to the community where they are delivering, but here at home with their own community. On behalf of our drivers, Raider Express is VERY PROUD to announce “Drive Education”

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how it works

Here is how ‘Drive Education’ works:

Drive Education is an educational initiative created by Raider Express for our Drivers to give back to Elementary and Middle Schools across the state of Texas. For every load that our Driver’s deliver, Raider Express and its partners will donate to the ‘Drive Education’ fund. The Drive Education Fund will be used to give back to schools across the state in providing them with school supplies or an educational field trip of the classes’ choice. Raider Express will choose 2 different classes each month as the ‘Drive Education Classes of the Month’. The monetary amount that will go to each of the winning classes will be at least $1,000 towards the supplies and/or educational field trip.

There are 2 ways that a class is chosen. The first is by being nominated by a Raider Express employee. Raider Express employees can nominate their own family members class; children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. and a winner will be chosen from that group. There will also be a winner chosen from a local school district. The local school classes will submit their reasons via; email, essay, video, drawings, etc. Classes are encouraged to be very creative with their submissions as to why their class should be chosen.

The winning classes will also receive a pizza party delivered by a Raider Express truck. If the winning class is a Raider Express’s drivers nominated class, that driver will be delivering the pizzas him or herself. While there, the winning class will be allowed to get inside the truck, walk around the truck and be given an educational tour of the truck and learn what life on the road is like as driver as well as a live interactive call with a driver that is on the road.

There are no losers with ‘Drive Education’, as every class that submits their nomination will receive a goodie package of Raider Express school supplies just for submitting.

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Raider Express & Fort Worth CDL School


Drive Education 1 – South Hills Elementary School – Mrs. Valentine’s class
Drive Education 2 – Chisholm Ridge Elementary – Ms. Svensson’s class
Drive Education 3- South Hills Elementary – Ms Kotz class
Drive Education 3- South Hills Elementary – Ms. Ellington’s class
Drive Education 4- Jackie Carden Elementary – Ms Barton’s class
Drive Education 5 – Mambrino Elementary – Mrs. Lohman’s class
Drive Education 6- Keller Early Learning Center North – Ms, Morris’ Class
Drive Education 7 – Martha Reid Leadership Academy – Mrs. Jeters’ Class
Drive Education 8 – Eagle Mountain Elementary – Mrs. Rudds’ Class
Drive Education 9 – Silver Creek Elementary – Mrs. Trammell’s Class
Drive Education 10 – South Hills Elementary – Mrs. Navarro’s Class
Drive Education 11 – Ridgeview Elementary – Keller ISD- Mrs. Pryors Class
Drive Education 12 – Early Learning Center – Keller
Drive Education 13 – Richard J. Wilson Elementary – Mrs. Barrera’s Class
Drive Education 14 – WestCreek Elementary -Mrs. Blalocks & Mrs. Olmos Classes
Drive Education 15 – Eagle Mountain Elementary – Ms. Griggs Class
Drive Education 16 – Lindale Early Childhood
Drive Education 17- Eagle Mountain Elementary – Mrs. Harlin’s Class
Drive Education 18- Bear Creek Elementary – Ms. Graves 1st Grade Class
Drive Education 19 – Hicks Elementary – Mrs. Walker class
Drive Education 20 – Shady Shore Elementary – Mrs. Vest Class
Drive Education 21- SH Crowley Elementary – Mrs. Mosbey’s Class
Drive Education 22 – Jefferson Elementary School, Wichita Falls – Mrs. Box & Mrs. Harmon’s Class

“I am very grateful to Raider Express and Drive Education for helping me increase my students’ access to technology and for donating much-needed supplies to my classroom. With these new computers, I will be able to better meet the needs of a diverse group of learners. In addition, students will be able to practice communicating, creating, and collaborating using technology – important 21st-century skills.

My 4th graders had a fantastic afternoon touring the Raider Express truck, learning about truck drivers, enjoying their pizza, and wearing their brand new t-shirts. It was a day they won’t forget! Thank you!”
– Ms. Valentine, South Hills Elementary